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pale pink tropical sunset

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

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Check out a few of my articles on world travel, smart finance, delicious food, and more.

woman waterfall costa rica

A free waterfall in Costa Rica? Yes, please! This gorgeous hidden waterfall is not far from Lake Arenal, near a small country town called Libano.

(sneak peek: check out an eco brewery & restaurant nearby!)

happy muddy dogs

Is your pet suddenly feeling sick lately? Our dogs and cats became ill and stopped wanting to eat their food, and we realized the pet food brand we'd been feeding them was the culprit.

(Sneak peek: don't buy Purina Pet Foods or Taste of the Wild)

frustrated girl with laptop

As a freelancer working from home (and on the road) for 5 years, I've learned some great tricks like sushi is a top brain-boosting snack, and you can actually overdose on caffeine to the point of psychosis!


(Sneak peek: try out a free focus app to help you complete projects)


Writing your will today can ensure that your property, money, and any assets are distributed according to your wishes—therefore making sure that you are doing things the way you want to, until the very end.

(Sneak peek: learn if a "holographic will" is legal in your state/country)

soaring eagle

Discover baby names with meanings like "morning star," "grey wolf," "water's edge," "singing hawk," and "my heart" from the Native American heritage of the Apache, Hopi, and Navajo nations.

(sneak peek: many Native American cultures are matrilineal!)


Snacks are life, and you don't want to miss these ono grinds! All 3 Maui poke stops have fish so fresh it will literally melt in your mouth, with dressings that vary from light to creamy and plenty of local treats on the side.

Listen to This Article:


tropical sunset girl

Writing and editing are an art, and just like any financially poor (but spiritually rich) soul in the arts will tell you, making money doing what you love isn't always easy. Good news, though! I've spent the past decade perfecting this job-finding strategy.

(Sneak peek: get 1 new writing/editing job in 2 weeks)

yuca fries mojo sauce

If you enjoy firing up the grill and creative, plant-based treats, I guarantee you will love ginger-tahini cauliflower steaks, kalua "pork" plate lunch, caramelized ginger papaya rings, garlic mojo yuca fries!


(Sneak peek: grilling tricks and how to make the perfect sauce)


Eat poke on the beach, grab a paniolo burger and drink some local wine, get lost in the Triangle, or wander around Haʻikū! These are the things we'd do if my friend came to visit Maui. And they're all affordable.


(Sneak peek: Get off the beaten track! Tips for vegans included.)


Find cryptocurrency a bit intimidating? Come take the easy road to learning the basics about cryptocurrency/blockchain in simple, non-technical language.

(Sneak peek: check out my "decentralizing the office" analogy)

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